~ How Little Daisy’s Closet got started ~

In short, working as a manager for 60-70 hours per week for most of my career,  apparently caused some mental health issues that finally surfaced.  I was a daily user of alcohol, drugs, sexual prowess and other devil inspired craziness. I have been saved and sober for twenty years now (that’s another testimony in itself). I left my job in May 2021 as well as my position of lead usher and greeter team lead at my church after nine years. My brain needed a rest. In July of that same year, God spoke a vision into my heart to start a free clothing ministry. I “reminded” God that I was retired and needed to rest. God was quiet. A week later God “reminded” me of His vision and that we would overcome any shortfalls I may be worried about. I again “reminded” God that I needed to rest my weary brain. God was quiet. I continued to feel the calling, so I posted on Facebook to see if the community felt there was a need for this type of ministry. The response was obviously positive. Again God “reminded “ me of His vision. I again fought the calling…. I was quiet. A week later my friend called and said, I have 100 snack bags for kids for “that thing” you are going to do. I hesitantly told him to bring them over. I immediately called my neighbor, a  children’s pastor and said, you have been blessed with some snack bags. I told God that was a close call but I got out of it. God strongly urged me to listen to His calling. I was quiet. A week later a lady who we didn’t know, donated fifteen bags of clothing to get “that thing” started. I looked up with tears in my eyes and said, “OK God I heard ya.” Although I wrestled with the Lord on what I thought was better for me, His wisdom, grace and mercy far outweighed my ignorance. Never have I felt so fulfilled. We have heard many sad stories and had the opportunity to pray with many of our guests and even lead some to the Lord. The little dog we rescued a year earlier was Little Daisy.  She has brought us so much love and joy that my wife Koot (Kathy) said we should name it after her and that is how we became


Mission:  Little Daisy’s Closet is a NO COST Christian based community outreach program that utilizes the generosity of our community to create fair and equitable access to clothing, to diminish food insecurities and to assist families in disrupting the cycle of poverty.

Vision: Our passion is to offer hope and support to those struggling to attain a better quality of life.

Core Values:

Service:  We chose to serve first and embrace our roles as servant leaders to the community. 

Excellence:  We are committed to pursuing the highest possible standards at every level.

Respect:  We honor the dignity, autonomy and worth of each person.

Virtue:  We honor moral character.

Integrity:  We are trustworthy and authentic.  We have the courage to do the right thing.

Compassion:  We believe that help is not a gift; it is an opportunity; it is empowerment.

Empowerment:  We believe our volunteers can make a change for the better.