Young lady was setting at a local convenience store. A member of our team engaged her and found out she was unhoused, coming from a bad relationship and behavioral health issues. s and from out of state. The team member guided her to Little Daisy’s Closet. We were able to provide her with clothes, a meal, food to go and loved up on her. One of our unselfish board members took the young lady into her home until sufficient housing could be found! She is tearfully grateful and describes how Little Daisy’s Closet is her “Angel”.The young lady has an apartment, is becoming self sufficient and reconnecting with her children. She gives back by volunteering. 
Young mother called us late one evening because her mate had thrown her and her daughter out of the house and burnt their clothes and toys on the front lawn and made them watch. She got away and moved in with a relative. LDC met her immediately and provided here and her daughter with clothes and toys. 3 days earlier, a generous donor donated a huge barbie house and over 20 barbie dolls. Little did we know , the daughter lost her Barbie house that horrible evening and her birthday was quickly approaching. The family left with clothing and the little girl left with a barbie house, lots of Barbie dolls, a birthday bag and the knowledge and love of knowing that, despite her horrific ordeal, there is still hope and goodness in the world.
Every year the kids like to do a lemonade stand and donate the money to an individual in the community who needs help. Last year they donated to a family whose mother was fighting cancer and a high amount of medical bills. This year, talking about about the yard sale, Olivia said” Mommy I want to help  more families this year.After looking into many organizations, they decided on Little Daisys’ Closet. When they reviewed LDC and the difference it was making in the community they were in agreement that’s where the lemonade stand proceeds would go.
The family presented LDC their check for $220.00 and also volunteered for several hours that day!
Olivia said to her mommy, I was the youngest volunteer they ever had. Why don’t more kids my age help our other people? The world would be a better place if we all just loved each other.
“Olivia you are an inspiration to us all”